UNIDEK® is a modern ribbed profile which has high strength, light weight and long spanning capabilities. It is manufactured via continuous processes of cold forming High-Tensile Zincalume® steel or Clean Colorbond® steel therefore can be supplied in any length limited only by transportation and handling.


Schematic Unidek


  • 762mm cover width
  • Economical profile
  • Easy fixing
  • Spring curving
  • Anti-capillary side laps
  • Site forming capability
  • Shorter lead time, locally produced in Kuching, SriAman, Sibu, Btu & Miri.

note: all measurements are nominal only and are dependent on thickness and tensile strength of material used.

Roofing Profile

Unidek - ME

Material Choices:

  • ZINCALUME steel AZ150 G550
  • Clean COLORBOND ULTRA MATT* steel AZ200 G550
  • Clean COLORBOND THERMATECH steel AZ150 G550
  • Clean COLORBOND CAPERO steel AZ150 G550
  • PRIMA-R MAJU* AZ100 G550



Effective width: 762mm
Ribs height: 25mm

Length: +/- 10mm
Cover width: +/- 4mm

How to specify UGI Steel Roofing System:

  • 0.48mm TCT UGI UNIDEK Clean COLORBOND with AZ150 G550 metal roofing with all necessary fixing accessories.
  • 1 layer UGI double sided sisalation aluminium foil.
  • 1 layer Thermalrock B40 – 50mm thickness @ 40 kg/m³.
  • 1 layer of UGI GI roof mesh.


Physical Properties

Capacity and Load Table

Spanning Table


ZINCALUME® steel, AZ150 G550

ZINCALUME® steel is a high-tensile G550 steel with a minimum yield strength of 550Mpa and a metallic coating with composition of 43.5% zinc, 55% aluminium & 1.5% silicon (AZ150) which conforms to Australian Standard AS1397 and Malaysian Standard MS1196. The practical and aesthetic merits of ZINCALUME® steel include durability, longer lasting life, formability and excellent corrosion resistance. Thus ZINCALUME® steel is able to last up to 4 times longer than galvanized steel (GI) and pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI). ZINCALUME® steel supplied by BlueScope Steel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has a clear resin coating which gives it a beautiful, satin-smooth finish.

Clean COLORBOND® steel, AZ150 G550

Clean COLORBOND® is the pre-painted ZINCALUME® steel with the ability to prevent tropical dirt staining and better colour retention. Clean COLORBOND® paint system is oven cured with nominal gloss of 25% which conforms to Australian Standard AS2728 Category 3. It is certified to BOMBA Class ‘O’ (AS1530) with heat resistance up to 100° C.

Other Materials

Other materials are also available upon request;

  • Clean COLORBOND® ULTRA AZ200 G550 steel.
  • Clean COLORBOND® XPD Pearlescent AZ150 G550 steel.
  • PrimaMaju AZ100 G550 steel.

Quality Control

With the certification of MS/ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, UGI ensures high quality Clean Colorbond® and Zincalume® steel are precisely cold formed into UNIDEK® steel roofing sheet.

Colour Range


colorbond ultra

colorbond xpd

prima maju


*Minimum of Order (MOQ) is required for non-standard color.